Bryce Groark on a remote Australian island
Bryce Groark on a remote Australian island

Bryce is an explorer, filmmaker, and consultant from Hawaii with over two decades of work enhancing oceans, fisheries, and cultures through private enterprise, partnerships and film.  

He is the Founder and Director of Living Ocean LLC - a group devising projects that fuel island innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. 

In 2004, he started Living Ocean Productions with the goal of using powerful imagery and storytellng to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public. His clients include National Geographic, HBO, ESPN, PBS, Discovery, Travel Channel, A&E, Tesla, Red Bull + 

In 2011, Bryce co-founded Ocean Preservation Alliance - a group that connected the yachting and scientific communities through world-class exploration. He created and led yachting expeditions to the Red Sea, Galapagos Islands, Islas de Revillagigedos, Cocos Island, France, Italy and the Caribbean.  

Bryce is a proud husband and father of three, a Mission Blue Hope Spot Champion for Palmyra Atoll, and also sits on the International Board of Directors for WildAid. His fine art photography, on recycled slabs of aluminum, is represented at New River Fine Art on Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.